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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

French Connection: Range Review autumn/winter 09

For the past couple of months i have been working more hours at my part time job at French connection in Manchester and i have been really enjoying myself. Becoming more involved in the way the company works and in particular finding out about the advertising and visual merchandising side to the company. i recently took part in a regional walk through of the store, where by store managers come from all over the northern sector of the country to see how our store has been visually laid out to inspire customer purchases and interest in the current season items. Getting there early hours Friday morning to prep clothes so the store was looking at its best was tiring but worth it. getting to join in on the walk through and listen to the head visual merchandiser for the company on why items where placed, folded and hung in specific ways to attract customers into the store and also to entice them to look at other sections within the store.
Visual merchandising really interests me and i feel privileged to work for a company where by i am able to get involved with events like this and am able to further my visual merchandising knowledge and experience. Speaking to my manager she has agreed to get me involved with more aspects of visual merchandising within the store, which allows me to use knowledge i have gained on my D&AD course about how imagery, design and layout can sell a product and/or reveal/convey a message.
Previous examples of how French Connection use Visual merchandising to create beautiful and fashion forward window displays to enhance their brand are shown above.

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