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hi! my name is kirsty gilliburn and i am a student at manchester school of art studying Design and Art Direction. Sometimes my mind runs off on a tangent and i imagine myself sat in a Vogue office wearing head to toe chanel, the new anna wintour. A girl can dream.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


So i don't very often blog about what i'm doing workwise, which considering that's what i'm really supposed to blog about here goes...

i am currently working on a brief for an exhibition to be held at noiselab in manchester over the easter holidays. the theme is "Panic"

working with my friend sarah we have based our piece around the idea of people panicking about being alone, doing certain task's alone and ending up alone in life. we took photographs of 3 different scenarios, walking alone, being in the house alone and finally being alone in life without a partner.

using photoshop to blur the image and adjust colours so that the subject of the images was kept in focus and in full colour as if she is so panicked about being alone that nothing is in focus anymore and the colour has completely drained from everything around her. the blurring also emphasises the idea of panic.

this is an A1 poster that will be shown in the exhibition.

if you feel like visiting it will be held at noiselab on market street, manchester from 30th march until 3rd of april and the exhibit is open 12 - 8

but if you can't make it here is a glance of what we did...


i am finding the current weeks extremely stressful. i've got lots of work to do and zero money to print anything.


Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Her morning elegance.

I also found this simply gorgeous stop frame animation on stumble upon. It is lovely the way the animation is timed with the soundtrack. It seems quirky and yet cute at the same time. Just watching the animation relaxes me and gives me a warm sort of fuzzy feeling inside. always nice after a difficult day at uni. The perfect stress reliever and inspiration encourager.

This video i found on stumble upon, i love the way the photographs have been used to create this animation, i love the way the images within the animation tell a story and think it is a great piece of work that really inspired me to be creative and want to do lovely work like this.

i stumbled upon...

stumble upon.

A site where by u make a selection of things you want to look at click stumble upon and it gives you random things relating to these categories. again another time waster. but great for creative inspiration. i have particularly found it useful to find beautiful stop motion graphics pieces.


lets play a game...

Of chatroulette!!! ok so the newest craze i found whilst dwindling the hours away online (pointed out to me by my friend abbie) is Chatroulette. a website based on roulette where people go onto it and are paired with a random person anywhere in the world via webcam. your thinking this sounds crazy, thats because it is!
my friend initially found out about it because the company we work for, French Connection, are offering a cash prize for the first person to set up a physical date and prove that it happened by using chatroulette. It seems French connection are using all means to boost their brand.
ok so now your aware of what it is an how i came about it let me tell you of my experience of the site. i went on curious about what it was and why people are on it. It's strange seeing a random person on screen and clicking next if you don't like the look of them or if you plainly can't be bothered! i felt rude at first clicking next, its like a new form of rejection as if text, phone and face to face isn't bad enough, you can now be rejected via web-cam. excellent.
so actual conversations i had zero. amount of penis's i saw probably reaching into 100's!! its a glorified porn site that french connection are using to promote themselves. it is one of them things that you don't want to see but you stay online just in case you do see something interesting. it has been gossiped that many a celebrity has been spotted on the site including ashton kutcher, paris hilton and the jonas brothers, ok so Ashton is really the only porper celebrity but still i wouldn't mind having a good chin wag with paris.
So if you fancy your luck, try chatroulette. entertaining even if slightly weird.


Thursday, 11 March 2010

this is the woman, she does not tweet, she does not twitter...

Well actually i do twitter/tweet, whatever you want to call it, i dont very often update my status but i am an avid stalker of the celebs, in particular a miss lauren conrad. yes i am a hills fan too, and for those who watched it Laguna Beach was awesome! I love the way i feel i know the people within the series as friends of my own, the way i converse about what lauren did, despite never having spoken to her in my life. most importantly i love watching the programme and trying to imagine my life being as eventful and fun as hers. anyway off on a tangent then, back to my findings...
after scrolling through Lauren's recent tweet's i came across this video - lost things by Gallant and Keen- i loved the aesthetic of the animation particularly the way the characters hair turned into different objects and the way her clothes changed through the use of these seemingly magical scissors etc.. i thought it was a cute and quirky film (and i could definately see some resembelance of Alice in Wonderland). I am a fan of the way Stop frame animation looks and the way it gives a piece of work a real sense of being hand-made and it's as if you know alot of hard work and thought went into it's process, i love watching these animations (despite not knowing how to make one myself) and am hoping Conrad post's more for my enjoyment in the future, maybe i'll even post one on twitter myself and encourage Conrad to look at my postings. a girl can dream.

follow this for the video
{I tried uploading the video here but it wouldn't let me :( }


too far...

You may think i have gone to far in my Alice obsession, but considering we share the same name, well middle name, i thought an adjustment to my profile was needed.

Curioser & Curiouser.

Last night i ventured to see Tim Burton's remake of Alice in Wonderland. I was extremely excited to see it, particularly after seeing a few of Burton's previous films, i had high expectations and feared i would be in for a bit of a let down, Charlie and the chocolate factory for instance was... a let down. However i left the cinema happy and inspired by Burton's creative genius.
Taking the stories of Alice in wonderland and Alice through the looking glass and combining the two created a magical and exciting combination on the screen. Johnny Depp thrilled me the most with his quirky personality and acting skills that suited the mad hatter down to a tee! i was glad he played the character so well, especially as i had been facebooking about the films release for weeks! it was to the relief of my friends that i enjoyed the film so much.
Now if your reading this and thinking great it sounds amazing, great i suggest you do see it, however i should warn you my opinion is not always right, i often find myself thoroughly enjoying things critics hate. however i do and always will have an opinion about EVERYTHING whether its right or wrong i don't really care, but (to the regret of the people i know) i do have an opinion.
It suprised me whilst watching the film how much i had forgotten about the actual storylines, although with it mixed together it was easy to get swept away with Burton's imagination and to forget completely everything you'd previously read of Alice's adventures. The lead playing Alice - Mia Wasikowska - an unknown actress was herself good in the role, better than i had expected, i was worried she wouldn't play the role well and it would ruin my perception of the entire film, but she played the quaint imaginative character well and i think it was my belief that she was alice that made me completely engage with the film.
one thing i regret doing was seeing the film in the so called amazing 3-D, i need to admit i am not a fan. i've seen a total of 2 films in 3-D and neither one of them being in 3-D made the experience better, frankly the glasses itched and it made the room darker and just made me tired. the next time i see Alice in Wonderland will be in simple 2-D, at which i think my enjoyment will grow even more.
I urge you to go and see Alice in wonderland for yourself and create your own opinion of Burton's newest masterpiece, and find out if you are as mad as a hatter... all the best people are you know.