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hi! my name is kirsty gilliburn and i am a student at manchester school of art studying Design and Art Direction. Sometimes my mind runs off on a tangent and i imagine myself sat in a Vogue office wearing head to toe chanel, the new anna wintour. A girl can dream.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Whilst in Rochdale looking at the Shop exhibition I also went to see the rest of the galleries in the heritage centre. It held Rochdale's permanent collection of art work, there were several pieces which caught my attention, in particular those below...

It's not often I find this type of work interesting, my interests generally lie within fashion photography and commericial graphic design; but these pieces definately caught my eye. The first piece was called "loop my loop" by Helen Chadwick. From afar it just looked like a piece of hair braided, it was only when I got up close and read the plaque did I realise it was even more unusual than i first thought. It is actually made from a braid hair entwined with a pigs intestine. The juxtoposition of these items works well, from afar it lures me closer at it appears to be an interesting photographic subject, then upon inspection it is repulsive and makes you want to move away from the image.
The house sculpture made from thorns is similar to the photograph. both items/ideas juxtopose one another and create an unusual and luring object.
I wasn't expecting to find this type of work within the gallery, considering my local gallery holds mainly victorian paintings, it was exciting to see something conceptual rather than just paintings in a local gallery.

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