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hi! my name is kirsty gilliburn and i am a student at manchester school of art studying Design and Art Direction. Sometimes my mind runs off on a tangent and i imagine myself sat in a Vogue office wearing head to toe chanel, the new anna wintour. A girl can dream.

Monday, 19 October 2009

yet another blog for the evening...

O.K. so i'm going slightly blog crazy tonight, I thought it was time to catch up with it so I thought i'd share this little piece of information... whilst playing around on my mac, yes i've had it 2 years and still don't know all the things it can do, I started exploring the widgets and found that more can be downloaded from apple... it scared me slightly when I found that there is a live cctv widget on which you can watch the people of new york passing through Greenwich village. being as nosey and curious as i was downloaded it (free of course!). I felt I needed to share this piece of information because it was the strangest thing i've seen in a long time!! i know i wouldn't like the thought of someone halfway round the world watching me on cctv. although it did give me mini butterflies in my belly thinking that i will be in NEWYORK in 2 weeks and 3 days!!

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