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hi! my name is kirsty gilliburn and i am a student at manchester school of art studying Design and Art Direction. Sometimes my mind runs off on a tangent and i imagine myself sat in a Vogue office wearing head to toe chanel, the new anna wintour. A girl can dream.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Karen's family photography...

Photography has always been something i am extremely passionate about, and when my mum's friend said she knew a photographer (Karen) who might want some help on a photo-shoot i jumped at the chance. I am mainly interested in fashion photography, Nick Knight being a particular favorite of mine, and even though Karen focused on family and portrait photography any experience is good experience right? Definately, i found that despite the photographic subject not being one that i was truly interested in there are clearly many aspects which link together with all types of photography. The main thing i learnt was setting up the lights and checking for the right light settings, this is something i have always been eager to learn but unsure of where to find out how. aligning the lights with the backdrop and using a light sensor to check that the exposure would be right was complicated but interesting, alot of numbers were involved easy to say not my strongest point. we were based at a nursery not far from where Karen lived and her job for the day was to photograph children for their parents, alot of the children were quite upset about having their photo's taken but we managed to get some pleasing shots.
i really enjoyed doing this placement as it taught me new skills and helped me recognise the associations between all types of photography despite the subject.

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