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hi! my name is kirsty gilliburn and i am a student at manchester school of art studying Design and Art Direction. Sometimes my mind runs off on a tangent and i imagine myself sat in a Vogue office wearing head to toe chanel, the new anna wintour. A girl can dream.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Ian Anderson...

Has got to be one of the most scariest people i have ever met... but i now don't know what i was even scared of. i think his blatant honesty was the thing i was scared of the most. As much as i appreciate criticism in the sense that it can help me improve my work, i am constantly scared that someone is going to turn around to me and say look you work is crap don't even bother you might as well just leave this course now, why did you even apply. to this day this thought scares me more than anything else. So when my friend Kat said that Ian wanted her to bring a friend along to one of his workshops and she asked me my initial instinct was NO he is going to tell me i'm crap i can't go, plus the plan was to do group work, an aspect that isn't my strongest point. But after consideration about how the work i do on Ian's workshop could help my thought process and the work in my portfolio and the future i thought it couldn't hurt to give it a go. The workshop lasted for 2 day's and we were split into groups of 5, me, Laura, Nia. Katrina and molly were put into a group together and given a brief:

The world is run by one corporation, each color within the world is owned by one company , e.g. one company owns orange, one company owns red etc...
the world corporation is looking for a new color to use for all the signage throughout the world and it is your job to sell your companies color and get the contract with the world corporation for the world's signage.
each group is then given a color. our color was BLUE. we had 48 hours to design a presentation that would get us that contract.

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