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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Curioser & Curiouser.

Last night i ventured to see Tim Burton's remake of Alice in Wonderland. I was extremely excited to see it, particularly after seeing a few of Burton's previous films, i had high expectations and feared i would be in for a bit of a let down, Charlie and the chocolate factory for instance was... a let down. However i left the cinema happy and inspired by Burton's creative genius.
Taking the stories of Alice in wonderland and Alice through the looking glass and combining the two created a magical and exciting combination on the screen. Johnny Depp thrilled me the most with his quirky personality and acting skills that suited the mad hatter down to a tee! i was glad he played the character so well, especially as i had been facebooking about the films release for weeks! it was to the relief of my friends that i enjoyed the film so much.
Now if your reading this and thinking great it sounds amazing, great i suggest you do see it, however i should warn you my opinion is not always right, i often find myself thoroughly enjoying things critics hate. however i do and always will have an opinion about EVERYTHING whether its right or wrong i don't really care, but (to the regret of the people i know) i do have an opinion.
It suprised me whilst watching the film how much i had forgotten about the actual storylines, although with it mixed together it was easy to get swept away with Burton's imagination and to forget completely everything you'd previously read of Alice's adventures. The lead playing Alice - Mia Wasikowska - an unknown actress was herself good in the role, better than i had expected, i was worried she wouldn't play the role well and it would ruin my perception of the entire film, but she played the quaint imaginative character well and i think it was my belief that she was alice that made me completely engage with the film.
one thing i regret doing was seeing the film in the so called amazing 3-D, i need to admit i am not a fan. i've seen a total of 2 films in 3-D and neither one of them being in 3-D made the experience better, frankly the glasses itched and it made the room darker and just made me tired. the next time i see Alice in Wonderland will be in simple 2-D, at which i think my enjoyment will grow even more.
I urge you to go and see Alice in wonderland for yourself and create your own opinion of Burton's newest masterpiece, and find out if you are as mad as a hatter... all the best people are you know.

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