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hi! my name is kirsty gilliburn and i am a student at manchester school of art studying Design and Art Direction. Sometimes my mind runs off on a tangent and i imagine myself sat in a Vogue office wearing head to toe chanel, the new anna wintour. A girl can dream.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

M&S gets trendy...

So it may not be the most graphically pleasing advertisement and it may not be the most technical but i think most people will agree the new Marks & Spencer's advert is one of the best in recent years. When i first saw the ad the first thing i wanted to do was start dancing about, the combination of music and imagery makes you feel good about yourself. It gives off the sense that if you shop at Marks & Spencer's you can look and feel like the women in the ad.
They use celebrities to endorse their products, but the choice of celebrity is impeccable, including Danii Minogue, the mother-to-be, Twiggy, renowned model and previous endorser of Marks & Spencers and also Lisa Snowden, model and strictly come dancing contender. the way they have used wholesome, likable and on-trend celeb's emphasises the wholesome yet trendy persona that marks & Spencer want to give off about their brand.

so have a look and feel free to dance around, i do!

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